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Super Erecta ® Wire Shelving
SUPER ERECTA® SHELVING SYSTEM -The Original Wire Storage System

A storage system that defines the extent of space, Super Erecta’s revolutionary concept was fresh and innovative from its start - more than 40 years ago. It has continued to evolve, with nearly 100 highly specialized accessories, aimed at meeting the diversity of today’s challenges. • Unique Design: The open wire design of these shelves minimizes dust accumulation and allows free circulation of air, greater visibility of stored items and greater light penetration. • Durable Construction: Super Erecta shelves and posts are constructed of heavy-gauge carbon steel or Type 304 stainless steel. • Choice of Finishes: Super Erecta Brite™ and chrome-plated for dry storage; Metroseal 3™ with Microban® antimicrobial product protection and stainless steel for corrosive environments; and attractive epoxy color options for merchandising applications. • Versatile: Super Erecta Shelf® wire shelving can adapt to your changing needs. By using various accessories, hundreds of shelving configurations become possible. • Fast, Secure Assembly: SiteSelect™ Posts have a double groove visual guide feature every 8" (203mm), circular grooves at 1" (25mm) increments, and are numbered at 2" (50mm) intervals. A patented, tapered split sleeve snaps together around each post. Tapered openings in the shelf corners slide over the tapered split sleeves providing a positive lock. Shelf is assembled in minutes without the use of any special tools. • Adjustability: Shelves can be adjusted at 1" (25mm) intervals along the entire length of the post. • Shelf Ribs: Run front to back, allowing you to slide items on and off shelves smoothly. • Shelf Accessibility: Shelves can be loaded/unloaded easily from all sides This open construction allows maximum use of storage cube. • Adjustable Feet: Bolt levelers compensate for surface irregularities. Note: Stainless stationary posts are equipped with stainless steel leveling feet.


Most of the wire shelving accessories can be used with both Super Erecta wire shelving and Super Adjustable Super Erecta Wire Shelving systems. Accessories are as follows; CLEAR SHELF INLAYS Nearly invisible plastic mat retains open-wire look of shelves and allows penetration. DECORATOR SHELF INLAYS hardboard mats prevent small items from falling through wire shelves.COLOR SHELF MARKERS Color code for effective organization.STACKABLE LEDGES 4" (100mm)Ledges may be stacked to form an 8" (203mm) or higher barrier. SHELF DIVIDERS :Keep shelf contents orderly with these 8" (203mm) high, pressure-fit dividers.CLEAR LABEL HOLDER clear plastic allows decorator colors to show through.GRAY LABEL HOLDER Hold most commercial lables. Color gray.SLANTED LABEL HOLDER Gray solid plastic holders puts 32 mm labels on slant for easier viewing. ADJUSTABLE UNDERSHELF SLIDES These slides can be spaced to fit any width container or tote box. GARMENT HANGER TUBE hanger tubes attach easily under shleves for hanging garments.SNAP-ON HOOKS Multi purpose hooks in 3 styles attach to hanger rails mounting rails or shelves for instant access.SHELF LEDGES 1" (25mm) High Ledges for stationary or mobile installations, ledges prevent items from protruding or falling from shelves. STORAGE BASKETS generous-sized baskets attach in seconds to hanger rail or shelvesSUPER ERECTA SLIDE SYSTEM(for tote boxes)Using Super Erecta or Super Adjustable Super Erecta wire units, tote boxes, and these innovative slides, you have the flexibility to create a custom configuration that can be positioned quickly on new or existing units without the use of tools. TRAY SLIDES Free up shelves for more efficient use of space. PUSH HANDLE AND EXTENDED HANDLE Use on corresponding width Super Erecta units to provide additional maneuverability to dolly carts or stem caster carts.ENCLOSURE PANELS An efficient way to enclose space for stationary or mobile applications.SHELVING AND CART COVERS Opaque solid fabric covers.Protetct contents from dust and other contaminants.CLEAR VINLY CART COVERS Allow visual access while protecting shelf contents from dust and other airborne contaminants.SNAP ON DIVIDERS for Drop Mat Shelves Organize your shelves with these 8" (203mm) high, easy to snap-in-place dividers. ONE-PIECE SLIDES One-piece solid slide attaches easily to shelf with support brackets.RODS Form side and back enclosures for a shelving unit. Can also serve as uniform dividers within unit by passing through shelves from top to bottom. THREE -SIDED DOUBLE SNAKE FRAMES Provide additional support or access to floor with these sturdy square snake frames

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