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Metro Lodgix ™ Polymer Housekeeping Carts

Metro Lodgix ™ Polymer Housekeeping Carts designed to adapt as housekeeping requirementschange. Aesthetic appearance presents an upscale image for any facility. Polymer construction meanslow maintenance and long life..Flexible, Modular Design: Metro LodgixTM Housekeeping Carts are designed to be upgradable in the field. Additional storage, locking doors and locking top shroud can be easily added in the field using simple hand tools. .Polymer Construction: Will not rust, corrode, dent,flake, chip, or peel and is friendly to walls, doors and furnishings for lower maintenance costs. .8" Wheels Standard: Non-marking wheels combined with lightweight polymer construction make the Metro LodgixTM Housekeeping Cart easy to maneuver over any floor surface- ."Natural Grip" Design: Positions hands properly for ease of use and less fatigue. .Unique, "Hookless" Bag Mounting method:Provides a convenient method for securing polyliners. .Bottom Shelf and Top Handle: Combine to hold brooms, vacuum cleaner, or waste receptacle (with optional waste container bracket)..Integrated Paper Management System: Provides a convenient storage area for paper items such as menus, directories, etc. .Variety of Standard Configurations and Options:Standard configurations (Essentials, Plus and Pro) available for easy ordering as well as a variety of options and accessories for a totally customized configuration. All options and accessories can be added in the field..Options and Accessories:Under Deck Vacuum Bracket, Under Deck Glass Rack Holder Roller, Corner Bumpers Side Storage Kit Locking Door for Side Storage Locking Top Shroud Center Compartment Shelf Side Storage Shelf Waste Can Bracket

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