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MetroTrux™ are constructed of an advanced polymer material that is solid and durable, so they will endure tough challenges. And because they will not rust, corrode, dent, flake, chip or peel, they will provide you with years of reliable service. Lightweight yet rugged construction is forgiving, so MetroTrux will not damage walls or doorways. • Aesthetic: Bulk and Convertible Linen Trux offer a professional, pleasing appearance in the healthcare environment. Standard charcoal blue color. • Easily Maneuverable: Lightweight construction and molded hand grips make steering easy. Smooth rolling casters roll effortlessly, even over uneven surfaces. • Cleans Easily: Unique cart construction, combined with standard drain holes on the bottom of the cart, allows for easy washing and drainage. • Convertible Linen Trux offer the only integral, convertible shelving system in a polymer truck. By positioning the two folding shelves either horizontally or vertically, three different truck configurations become possible. Folding shelves can be positioned horizontally for easy transport of, and accessibility to, fresh linen. Folding shelves can be positioned vertically — dropped to become, in essence, an enclosure panel — creating a spacious rolling bin for the collection and the transportation of soiled linen. While folding shelves are in a vertical position, the lower folding shelf can be flipped out and up, enabling contents to be unloaded with a minimum amount of handling. • Bulk Trux: Available in 48 (1.4 cubic meters) cubic foot capacity, Bulk Trux provide the perfect solution for storage and transport of bulky, hard to handle items. Use for transport of laundry within the hospital, from a commercial laundry to the hospital, or to transport bulk supplies such as l.V. bags and admission kits.

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