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Super Erecta® CURVE APPEAL™ Display Shelving

Super Erecta Shelving with an accented curved front. Add curve appeal to your store and increase holding power by 12% Perfect for end cap displays or to create a Store-Within-A-STORE display. •Attractive, curved front edge draws customer’s attention to the products displayed.The open wire design promotes light penetration and visibility of display items. •Curved front design increases merchandising area by 12% versus a traditional rectangular shelf •Adjusts in 1" increments •Chrome Plated and Black Epoxy •18" x 36" (457mm x 914mm) and 18" x 48" (457mm x 1219mm) sizes available •Weight capacity is 500 lbs. evenly distributed Appeal shelving can be comb,ned with Metro’s Super Erecta,qwikSLOT or drop mat Display shelving system to create a proprietary display for your store.

Super Erecta® qwikSLOT™ Drop Mat Shelving

Super Erecta qwikSLOT shelving is one of the most flexible and adjustable shelving systems available. Incorporating the strength and attractive look of the Super Erecta design, Super Erecta qwikSLOT shelving is the easiest system to assemble and adjust, designed to meet your changing needs. • Fast Adjustability: The unique design of qwikSLOT shelving allows for the addition, removal, or adjustment of intermediate shelves easily in seconds, at 1" increments. • Versatile Construction: Super Erecta qwikSLOT wire shelving can change as your needs change. Use any Super Erecta accessory to create the configuration best suited to your requirements. Shelves can be slanted for gravity flow or merchandising applications. • High-Density Storage: Unique qwikSLOT drop mat shelves are available to maximize vertical storagedensity, increasing capacity as much as 20%. • Attractive: Available in Super Erecta Brite, providing the look of chrome at less cost. Also available in black, white, smoked glass and 10 designer colors.

Beer and Wine Storage - Wine Carts

SUPER ERECTA SHELF® CRADLE WINE SHELVING* • Safe Storage of Wines: Each bottle is supported individually in a cradle formed by the wires of the shelf, so it cannot roll or bump against adjacent bottles. The top of the wire “snake” acts as a natural back stop when placing bottles on the shelf. • High Visibility: Open wire construction keeps bottles and labels highly visible for easy reading and selection. Units stay clean longer, because there is less surface area where dust can accumulate. • Permits Proper Air Flow: Open wire permits air to circulate freely around the bottles, which is critical in maintaining the proper temperature in a wine cellar or other environmentally controlled room. •Large Capacity: Cradle wine shelving is availablein four standard units,(1899mm) high units have 14 shelves; 863/4" (2203mm) high units have 17 shelves.SUPER ERECTA SHELF® BULK STORAGE WINE SHELVING• High Density: Bulk storage wine shelving permits storage of a large quantity of wines in a limited space —an average of one case per linear foot (305mm) ofshelf.• Four Standard Units: Four standard units are available• Store Wines Securely: Units are enclosed by back and side panels which keep bottles secure and prevent accidents. For security from loss or pilferage, optional doors, which can be locked with a padlock, are available for the 16-case unit.• Bottles Held At Proper Angle: Support inserts whichfit on every shelf hold bottles at an upward slant of 10°keep corks moist while allowing bottles to be stackedsafely• Holds Different Size Bottles: Diagonal wire dividerscreate bins, each of which holds a case when onstandard spacing. With shelves at the recommended 15” (380mm) apart, however, dividers can be placed wherever desired to create smaller or larger bins.

Merchandising Solutions

Discover the possibilities of endless merhandising and storage solutions from Metro. Whether the application is a front of the house fixture , or a unique configuration for the back of the house storagearea or task area , Metro has a variety of flexible products that adapt to your changing needs.SUPER ERECTA and SUPER ADJUSTABLE SUPER ERECTA wire shelving can handle heavy merchandise and display it with style.Weight capacity 800 lbs.(363kg) per shelf.DROP MAT shelving can increase your merchandising space up to 30%.Because it’s a thinner shelf.METRO qwikSLOT shelving adjust in seconds to adapt to your changing merchandising needs.It provides a "clean" unobstructed view of merchandise.STORE WITHIN A STORE; Metro’s qwikSLOT display system used in Metro’s “Store Within a Store” — A proven, effective strategy for mass merchandisers and supermarkets alike

Super Erecta ­® Slanted Shelf

• Slanted-Shelf Merchandiser in Four Models: All four models feature slanted shelves for high visibility and quick, easy accessibility to merchandise. Retail uses include display of magazines, books, records, housewares, toiletries, clothing, open baked goods (breads, bagels, rolls), packaged foods, etc. • Instant Identification of Merchandise: Open wire construction and slope of shelves permit instant identification. No more searching – the merchandise your customer seeks is in plain view. • Inventory Control: Merchandise is neat and organized on the shelves for precise control of inventory. Eliminates duplication and confusion in ordering. • Easy Loading & Removal of Items: The slanted design of the shelves makes loading quick and easy, and simplifies rotation of perishable items. Shelves are self-feeding, so merchandise is always at the front, within easy grasp. • Four-Inch (102mm) Retainers serve as ledges at the ends of each shelf to prevent items from sliding off. Adjustable … retainers may also be used as dividers to keep rows of merchandise separated. Twelve retainers are supplied with each cart; extra retainers may be ordered as accessories. • Five-Inch (127mm) Casters enable Slanted-Shelf Merchandiser to be moved easily for restocking or to a new location. Brakes on front casters make it simple to lock merchandiser in position. • Adjustability: Shelves can be adjusted at 1" (25mm) intervals along the entire height of the post. • Chrome-Plated Finish offers a clean, open-air appearance and gives an aesthetic appeal to the merchandise displayed. • Shipped Knocked Down to save on freight costs. Easily assembled in minutes. InterMetro

Inventory Storage

INVENTORY STORAGE WIRE :Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta is the most advanced and innovative wire storage system available. Patented design allows you to adjustyour shelves without tools! Super Adjustable 2™ shelving will work with Super Erecta System of shelves and accessories INVENTORY STORAGE POLYMER :METROMAX Q™ Perfect for meat, produce, deli and dairy coolers or freezers.• Perfect for Cooler Storage.• Corrosion Resistant—15 year warranty against rust and corrosion.• Microban® Antimicrobial product protection is built into shelves and all touch points inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. • Lift-off shelf mats make cleaning a snap.• Built-in levers for easy adjustment.• Grid and solid shelf mats are available. METROMAX i™ The ultimate solution for damp, cold environments.cooler/freezer • The best solution for cooler or freezer storage.• Corrosion Proof—Lifetime Warranty against rust and corrosion.• Microban® Antimicrobial product protection is built into shelves and all touch points inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. • Lift-off shelf mats make cleaning a snap.• Grid and solid shelf mats are available. DUNNAGE RACK BOW TIE • Rust and corrosion proof.• Available with Built in Microban® antimicrobial product protection.• Holds weights of up to 3000 lbs. (1365kg)• Bow Tie connectors (included) allow units to be joined together in side-to-side or end-to-end configurations. METRO® qwikTRAK™ or TOP-TRACK high-density active aisle systems:Combine movable aisles and stationary end units — utilizing all available space.Eliminate the need for costly facility expansion. Increase your storage capacity by as much as 50%!

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