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Super Erecta ® Solid Shelving

A highly rigid shelving format, perfect for applications involving spillage or contamination. •Shelf design features 1/4" (3mm) raised “ship’s edge” on all four sides •Sturdy aluminum castings firmly lock corners to posts •Embossed or louvered/embossed shelf styles allow air circulation. •Available in stainless steel or galvanized materials. •Solid shelving available in four widths and six lengths Stainless solid shelving is also available with stainless corners, designed for cart-wash and autoclave applications. • Galvanized Shelves with uncoated cast corners are ideal for applications requiring solid shelving or a work surface and minimum resistance to corrosion. Available in flat solid and louvered/embossed styles. • Standard Type 304 Stainless Steel shelves with epoxycoated cast corners address the majority of applications for solid, corrosion resistant shelves or work surfaces. Available in flat solid and louvered/embossed styles. • Premium Autoclave/Cart Washable Type 304 Stainless Steel solid shelves feature an all-stainless construction to withstand high temperature, corrosive applications. Available in flat solid style.

Erecta ® Shelf Shelving

Regular Erecta Shelving’s features are unique and just as important to the Super Erecta family: •Ease of assembly–grooves on shelves position and lock shelves to the uprights. •Unique Design:The open wire construction ofErecta Shelf® minimizes dust accumulation andallows a free circulation of air, greater visibility of stored items and greater light penetration. •Versatile Construction:Erecta Shelf® shelving changes as quickly as your needs change. By using various accessories, hundreds of shelving configurations become possible. •Uprights–diagonal wire provides additional support.Consist of two vertical 1/4" (6mm)diameter outer wires on each side with #4diameter support wires welded between each of the outer pair spaced at 5" (127mm) intervals. •Adjustability–Shelves can be placed at 5" (127mm) intervals along the upright. •Adjustable Feet •Durable Chrome-plated Finish

HD Super™ Shelving

HD Super™ shelving employs the patented, proven Super Erecta Shelf® principle with large diameter posts and heavy gauge shelves. • Easy to Assemble: Units can be put together in minutes without special tools. Tapered plastic sleeves lock into position on grooved posts and fit into the matching taper in the cast corners of the shelf, providing a positive lock. Shelves are adjustable in 2" (51mm) intervals and can be repositioned if use changes. • Several Shelf Options: Heavy-duty solid shelves are available in flat or louvered/embossed styles in galvanized or stainless steel. Choose from 18" or 24" (457 or 610mm) widths and lengths ranging from 36" to 60" (914 to 1524mm). Shelves are made of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel. • Posts Provide Greater Rigidity: HD Super™ posts have an outside diameter of 15/8" (42mm) providing 28% to 128% greater rigidity than posts of lesser diameter on other makes of modular shelving. Posts are available in chrome-plated or stainless steel. • Stationary or Mobile: Standard units are stationary with leveling foot on each post. Posts are also available fitted with 5" (127mm) polyurethane swivel or brake casters. (Recommended load capacity for mobile units is 1,000 lbs. [454kg] gross cart weight.)

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