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Portable DeContamination Wash System
MITI Hoop Decon Wash System

We have supplied for our customers and we are able to supply emergency first response products such as portable DeContamination wash system "Hoop Decon Wash System " which is produced by MITI Co. USA .This system is a fast,convenient and cost efficent decon system which includes the following parts and accessories; –DeCon Spray Hoops and Decon "U" Showers which is constructed of durable, lightweight, corrosion-free aluminum pipe and tube and they can be quickly set up for on site applications and also they are specifically designed to deploy quickly and to minimize the amount of waste water created during the decontamination process.–Portable DeCon Waste Pool provides Waste Water Retention and Containment– Portable Hand Pumps provides quick emptying of decontamination pools, holding and drainage tanks, wells, etc.–High pressure Multi-Manifold is ideal for multiple hose connections. Used for many applications such as decontamination, overhaul, and wild land fires.–Portable High Pressure Soap Injector; Manually operated, this system injects fluid soaps or decontamination agents in a controlled and regulated manner and only when needed–Storage Bag.

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